Sketchup Shop Issues

Hello all,

I was using the free SketchUp online app for a while and recently purchased SketchUp shop when I became frustrated with the free versions limitations. I am now experiencing an issue that cannot seem to self diagnose, I think it is related but it has manifested in a few different ways:

Push/Pull: When I try to use push pull, after I select a face to extend if I then go to type in the distance to extend the face it closes out of the tool.

ctrl: if I hit ctrl to try to add additional features to a selection it automatically selects ALL model features.

shift: This results in pulling up a zoom tool instead of an add/remove feature.

There’s other quirks, but these are the major frustrating ones that all started at once that I feel are related.


What browser and what version?

Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

Not sure if that’s the latest, not on a windows machine to check.

Your question prompted me to try a different browser. I downloaded the latest version of Chrome and all of the issues described have been resolved.

Thanks for the quick response!

There have been some issues related to keyboard entry with some versions of Edge. It’s good that you are sorted with Chrome

Current available Edge updates seem to work ok, see this thread