Please help - first time user

Hi Everyone
I am just learning sketchup and have done some basic training. In sketchup web when I use the move and hold CTRL key to duplicate the minute I select the CTRL key it selects the whole model. The same occurs if I try to select multiple by using the select tool and holding the SHIFT key to select a second object it goes to zoom? It seems that there is something odd with both the CTRL key and the SHIFT key. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going wrong? Its really frustrating. Thanks in advance.

Are you using Edge, if so update it or use a different browser.

Thanks. I am using edge. How do you update it? It’s a brand new laptop with Microsoft recently installed. I am not tech savy at all so please excuse any silly comments I make.

From memory there should be a menu icon top right that will give you an option, something like Help and Feedback, this should have an About which will tell you what version and if there is an update available.