Shift key defaulting to zoom - I can't select multiple objects

I just downloaded the web version (paid). I’ve used Sketchup intermittently over the last 15 years, so I’m familiar with commands. When I attempt to select multiple objects by selecting one and hitting the Shift key I get a default to the zoom command and can’t select multiple objects. Anyone know if this is a problem with the web only version (I paid for it, not the free version) or a problem with my keyboard?

Is this in the web-based SketchUp Shop that you indicate in your profile? If so, what browser are you using?

I’m using Edge. I just purchased the version 30 minutes ago, so I’m guessing it’s 2020.

Sorry, Yes, it’s Shop.

So there have been some reported issues with Edge. Microsoft made changes to it that broke some things like keyboard shortcut handling. You could switch to Chrome. Also check to see if there’s a very recent update to Edge.

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I’ll try both of these things, thanks.

Works great in Chrome, thank you DaveR!!

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