When I select anything, the program stop



Hello, my problem is the following. I’m using Sketchup for more than five years and today when I opened it happens something strange. When I click in the screen, in a line, in a surface, in a volume, the program stop for five/seven seconds and then, finally, show the selected item.

The strange thing is that all the options and the program itself, work normally. I can extrude, I can move etc… Only when I click anywhere on the project happens.

My computer is not the best but as I said, in my five years using SketchUp, I’ve never experience that. I try to reinstall but nothing chance.
I would be very greatfull if someone could help me. Thanks


You should attach a file where this has been experienced. If other users can replicate the issue, a solution may be discovered.


I have exactly the same problem. It’s not the problem with any specific file, Sketchup doesn’t work in general. I tried to open a new model as well as to work on my old file (which was ok before) - but it wasn’t working in both cases. Of course I restarted my computer 2 times :wink:


When did this start to happen? Have you changed your hardware or software recently? Installed any plugins? Updated any drivers? What OS are you using btw? Windows 10 has automatic updates that sometimes breaks things.


It started today. But you might be right with Windows 10 update. I’ve checked my history and last automatic update was installed today. Should I uninstall it?


Hm… So I have uninstalled this update and still it’s not working. Any other suggestions? :confused:


Cabeza, I had a update of Windows 10 too the same day, so I think that would be the problem. However, it doesn’t solve the problem too, when I uninstall the update.
It is very anoying to wait that time only for selecting one line…
My Windows is 10 and I have a samall comuter, intel i3.


I noticed that on March 15th there were also some other updates so I deleted them all. Now Sketchup works fine! @jonkir33 maybe you should check it?

Eneroth3 Thanks for the tip with updates!


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