Sketchup Web stuck and can't select another tool

Now and then (and at least once every session I have with Sketchup) I can’t change the tool anymore. For example, sometime I get stuck in panning and can’t change to orbiting. It’s like the tool bar was not clickable anymore. Shortcuts are not responsive either.
I can still use the tool I am using though.

Is anyone having the same issue? The only way to workaround it is to refresh the page.

What browser are you using?

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I had this a lot until the last two days, wherein it has only happened once or twice a day. Seems like an update pushed out along with 2021 made it better for me. Emptying caches didn’t seem to help before two days ago, but it might if you haven’t done so since then.

This is in Safari 14.0.1 on Catalina

I’m using Chrome, latest, on Mac

Try clearing the Chrome caches similar to what Brian did on Safari.

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