SketchUp on Mac is really, really buggy.... anyone else?

I’ve been using SketchUp for about 10 years (early adopter!) and I just switched from PC to Mac one year ago.

Every time I work, it seems to be an endless series of frustrations. Weird bugs that have mostly to deal with navigation and tools… the worst ones being the cursor not changing when I switch tools, and the materials library is so difficult to control and navigate that it has become almost unusable. I am constantly applying or editing materials totally by accident, which is sometimes very difficult to undo.

Just want to know if there’s anyone else out there with similar experience, or if I’m just crazy… :crazy_face:

Running SketchUp Pro 2018 on 00%20PM

The switching of tools(EDIT: icons) is usually due to interupts of Sonos or Spotify apps, if you have the messages turned on. The paintbucket icon changes in the selector icon, but the tool remains active.

Not running anything like that. And tools do not spontaneously switch; it’s the cursor that changes, so I have no idea what tool is active. It’ll show the select arrow even though a tool is still active. I wind up accidentally moving things, applying materials, stretching things etc.

I have the impression that the Mac software just isn’t worked out. As I mentioned, I have a lot of experience with Sketchup… and the ■■■■ that’s been happening on Mac appears to be buggy software. I would love it if they paid some attention… I’ve already read plenty of complaints about the UI for the materials palette…

Thanks though.

Yeah that is what I meant, I will edit. I started notice it with Sonos, but it is not specifically a music app😃

I’ve had that happen off and on for some years now. It is as if SketchUp changes the cursor with macOS and then sometimes it doesn’t take effect until the next time you click (or sometimes just move the cursor). I’ve seen it happen with extensions I wrote myself too.