Problem opening sketch free

Hi I have been using sketch free for about two months now but im having a lot of trouble opening it lately any advice?

What browser have you been using? Which Mac OS version? What happens when you try to open it?

I have been using safari and macOS Catalina 10.15.6, when I try to open it it only shows that its loading but nothing happens it only shows the sketch loading symbol but that’s all it doesn’t want to open

You could try clearing the caches for Safari or try using Chrome or Firefox.


Especially under Understanding what you need

A recommended web browser: SketchUp for Web depends on WebAssembly, a new technology that requires cutting-edge browser support. For the best experience, we recommend Chrome 59+ or Firefox 52+. Although SketchUp for Web will work in Safari and Edge, we cannot confidently recommend these browsers as of this writing.

Safari was update over the weekend I think, and it has broken SketchUp. I am letting that team know.

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The page does eventually load now. There are a number of errors in Safari that don’t show in Chrome, but the one that was stopping the page from loading seems to have gone.

Never mind, it’s stopped loading again. Seems to be a WebGL error of some sort. The team are looking into it.

The page loads quickly in Chrome.

Thank you for your email I appreciate it I downloaded google chrome and is using it now for sketchup and it works much better