Sketchup Web Free isn't launching

I’ve been trying to launch sketchup free on the web for awhile now. It used to work perfectly, but in the last month or so the modeling won’t launch. It just does the loading symbol (the sketchup symbol) over and over again. No matter how long you wait it never launches. I’ve tried this multiple different routes with multiple different accounts. Also with different computers, it just won’t launch. Please help!

It’s been opening fine for me and did again just now. Try clearing your web caches and see if that helps.

What browser are you using?

I’m using Safari. What do you use


Which version of Safari? There have been issues in the past related to Safari. The general advice is to use Chrome or Firefox.

It worked!!! Thank you. I cleared my web caches and it worked!!! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been struggling with this for months. I really appreciate it!!!

Glad that worked. Might want to get in the habit of clearing caches once a month of so.

Thank You!!! I’ll try that!

We were talking about this at work today. Safari is perhaps the easiest browser to empty caches, command-option-e, but other browsers need not be as straightforward. I found this article that describes Chrome and Firefox (as well as showing how to enable the Safari developer menu):

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