SketchUp Free for Web - Discontinued?

I’ve been an occasional user of the free SketchUp for Web for years (free desktop app before that).

I’ve tried to log on last night and access the free service but the option seems to have been removed. I could get to the “start modelling” button last night, but when clicked it just took me to my account profile and I could only subscribe to paid tiers from there. This morning the web search results are taking me to 404 error pages.

What is going on? Is free SketchUp dead?


Have you tried this: SketchUp ?

Amazing, thanks for the link - I better bookmark!

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You can also install it as a web app by clicking the button that usually appears in the address bar

In Edge it shows like this :

It is similar in Chrome and Firefox.

On safari you use the “add to dock” option

Use Safari web apps on Mac - Apple Support

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Sorry all! There was an issue with the link to SketchUp for Web yesterday as we rolled out the new website. It SHOULD be all fixed now!

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