Cannot Load Component



Hi all…
I have been using Sketchup Pro for a couple of years, a casual user only, I usually enjoy using it but this week it is giving me some grief.

It refuses to load a ‘component’ into my model.
I downloaded some Pallets from the 3D warehouse (directly into model), they went into the ‘components’ library… but will not load into the model. [NB: Components that I created work fine and do load into the model]

I download other pallets to a folder on my PC, then imported them, and the same thing happened. They appear in the ‘Components’ library, but will not load into the model.

Help welcome…
See video thanks…


Can you share the pallet component along with your building model file?


Thanks Dave

Here is one of the pallets:
Pallet.skp (168.9 KB)


What size is the house you are drawing? Could it be that it is so small that the 2 inches between the pallet and pallet’s origin (the point you place when clicking the model) make the pallet end up outside of the screen?


Brilliant Ms Eneroth…

The pallet was a microscopic dot…

It seems my units were in meters… (not sure how that happened but will sort it out)

Big smile - Thanks


I wondered if that was the case. I wasn’t sure if it was your modeling or the author of the component.


I remember similar missing component issues. Does SketchUp Pro have any way of identifying a particular component in a model? Such as by highlighting it with color.


If you know its name, you can filter it in the outliner panel, select it and with rightclick, choose ‘Zoom Selection’




Except the component wasn’t missing in this case. The OP’s model was drawn at a much larger scale than the downloaded component. It wasn’t missing; just too small to see.


Yes - only apparently missing.

Using the outliner panel is ok, but a bit slow - may be difficult if looking for a nested component.

I may suggest a feature request for an “identify component location” function from the component panel.


Maybe like this?

Followed by Zoom Selection.


Instances is greyed out (even though there is an existing component in the model) when I try that and SU wants to copy the component into the model (I don’t use this panel much).


It will be grayed out if there are no instances of the component in the model space. Components can be “In Model” without there being any instances in the model space. Alternatively, it can be grayed out if the component is nested inside a component or group and that parent component/group is not open for editing.

The Outliner would be the fastest way to find it if you can’t actually see it.


I only create instances of components with a render plugin - does SU have a component instance creation too?


Wow! Really? That’s a fundamental operation in SketchUp.


Do you mean a copy of a component?


No. I mean creating components in SketchUp. If the component is present in the model space, that is an instance of the component. Every time you make another copy of a component, you create another instance of it.


I use Raylectron render plugin. In that app, an instance is a virtual copy of the original component.

So the component I am trying to identify was in a group. I have copied it outside of the group and select instances is still greyed out.


Share the model so we can see what you have exactly.