Components not loading

In the last day my SU pro has become unusable as thecomponents wont load in to themodels from the tray- I have to reload the tray when opening the file and reconnect to my components library file, but then if I select a component (any component) it gives me the “no entry” symbol when I try to drag into the model. I have used 2 different pcs (my laptop and main pc) different models, opened and closed the models, restarted both pcs, removed old versions of SU from them

What has changed in the last 2 days?

Any help gratefully received- we are a professional drawing office and I need to use this. Others have had the issue intermittently but at present theother designers are working ok


Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Hiya- the files itself is fine- I can load components by downloading from warehouse, or putting my components folders on my desktop and dragging and dropping from there (just found that workaround!) but the tray doesnt seem to be working. I have tried connecting to components folders on desktop, fileserver and dropbox and it still wont work.

happy to share the file- how do I do that?

Using google drive, Dropbox, weshare or any platform you prefer.