Cannot connect to Trimble folder

I made several projects in sketch up free. I have been working on them over the past weeks.
I saved a project with the same name but using a capital now I can only access my recent projects but I cannot access Trimble connect I get a panda!!

I think the system needs correcting by support how to contact them

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The link works fine for me. Try clearing your internet browser’s caches and then log in again. Which browser are you using.

For users of SketchUp Free, this forum is your best shot for support.

Capitalizing letters in the name doesn’t create a new file when you save. You’ll wind up overwriting the older file. You can see that here with the button labeled Overwrite instead of Save.
Screenshot - 2_28_2020 , 12_37_57 PM

Not working for me, either. I log into SU Free and when I try to access my files by clicking on [Trimble Connect], I get the error free “something went wrong with trying to load this folder”

Just now (2020 Feb 28, 10:36A PT), I tried again and it works. Whew!

As a rule I always use safari but the issue is the same in chrome
Suddenly it works for me fine without having done any thing


We have this fancy status page now:

It does look like Trimble Connect had a problem this morning. Don’t know the details.

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Its not very granular for me as it show 90days not to helpful

Is it possible to see it for the past day?


The bit at the end is today:

Please read the other posts in the thread as you will see the issue
Resolved and if you see the status pages you will see there have been major outages in the past few hours

Thats what went wrong

But the great wonderful news is it works now!!


I’ve read all the post and it seems I’ve lost something :roll_eyes:… Maybe too subtle sometimes for my limited English… Sorry Russell, I just wanted to help :wink:

And thanks Colin for your link :+1:

I think you know what I mean

I have the same problem today. I get the message “something went wrong trying to load this folder”.
Deleting the cookies an history doesn’t make a difference.

Anyone who knows the solution?


Update: Problem solved

The status page shows Trimble Connect having had a major outage for the last three hours. It’s the middle of the night in Colorado, I’ll check if there is still a problem in the morning, and will alert the right people.

The status page only seems to show a small overlap of outage from what happened at the end of yesterday. Do thing seem ok now?

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