No response when trying to access Trimble Connect Folder


I’m using SketchUp Free on Windows OS, Google Chrome Browser. For the past few weeks I have not been able to access the Trimble Connect. When I select it, literally nothing happens.

I’ve tried clearing cache, cookies and browser history.

Not only can I not access any of my existing project, but I also cannot save new ones.

Anyone else having this issue? And advise on how to resolve this?

Please help.

do not select, open a new tab and go here:
log in with the same email (= Trimble ID)
can you access your project, now?

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately the Trimble connect website doesn’t load either. I click the link you sent, go to log in and it literally just has the spinning “loading” circle in the center of the screen and never loads. I never even get to log in. I’ve done everything I can think of (deleting browser history, cache & cookies), restarting my workstation, nothing works.

What part of the planet are you on? I wonder if it’s a server thing. I just followed Mike’s link, signed in and my page opened in about 5 seconds.

Texas. Also, I cannot save any new projects either.

I figured it out. Thanks for all of your incite

What was it. Enquiring minds want to know.

What did I incite?

I have not been able to see my project for over a month. I just attempted to click the link and log onto Trimble, but I did not have any luck

It’s not about luck, it’s about what credentials you are using. You need to use the same e mail address or Trimble ID that you used when you signed up in the browser for Free.
Then, you might want to check the servers on other continents

The trimble sign in page does not load, just a busy signal. And yes I am using the same ID as I did for the Free web browser.

what browser? open an incognito or private tab, any changes?

Google chrome. Opening in Incognito mode allowed sign in, but it now just sits on the loading screen with rotating circle

Same problem for me since Nov 25th. No excess via any of the PCs or tablet I am used to.

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