Trimble connect is not loading


I have been trying to work with the web app however Trimble Connect is unable to load, are you familiar with the issue?
Thank you.


Me too! Can’t save model…


You will both need to post more details, it’s working for me ok.

-Where are you trying to load it from, within SketchUp or from standalone access?
-Have you tried both ways already?
-What connection speed do you have, always helpful to run a speedtest?
-Make sure you try to use Chrome rather than Safari or another browser.


OK, Sketchup free web app on Win10 and good broadband, first time I’ve used it. Signed up using Google account rather than creating a new ID - wondering if this is the problem as this is what I see when I click on my account
gives me
{“trimbleid”:“040d4c64-4fc4-47fe-8e28-780c60b6f843”,“authid”:null,“authsource”:null,“email”:“”,“firstname”:null,“lastname”:“!geoffsloan”,“image”:null,“sketchupKey”:“AuthKey f5330aa0-fafc-416c-b8af-06346c9db202”}
Guessing Trimble Connect doesn’t like this…


Have you tired this way (

I am also signed in via Google at the moment.


Hi Liam

This gives me:

Remembering why V1.0 of anything is a bad idea…


Sorry typo

And you cant use:


Sign in with Google button gives me the same. - I’m going to give up and feed the cats and buy alcohol. Might sacrifice what I’ve done today and create a new ID and start over tomorrow. Apart from this I quiet like the programme…

Thanks for your suggestions Liam!




Sorry not sure what to do then. I am able to sign in (Via Google) in both the web app and also the stand alone Trimble Connect Portal.


Same, It works with my old gmail account I used to create Google Earth 3D, but not with a new one.


Same problem for me. Windows 10, Chrome, Sketchup web, Europe


'+ 1. I am getting exactly the same behavior as others have described. Trimble Connect within Sketchup just spins forever. Getting the Bad Request errors when using the links in this forum. Signed in with Google account on Sketchup Free (Web) on Mac - tried both Chrome and Safari with same results. Also showing the!.. in the Account.


Pops right up for me in SU Free on Chrome.


Same issue for me using Windows 10 and latest Chrome, using Sketchup Free. The SketchUp icon never loads on the Trimble Connect page, the loading spinner just spins for ever.


If anyone is still having this issue could you please do the following for me. These steps are for Google Chrome but you can also look up how to “Show Console” in your browser.

  1. Open View Menu > Developer > JavaScript Console. This will open a new panel in your browser.
  2. Refresh your browser
  3. Attempt to reopen Trimble Connect

If you are still unable to access Trimble Connect then an error will appear within this JavaScript Console. This will help figure out what is going on for some of you.


Jon Mahoney


Here you go, as previously guessed this seems to be related to a bad signup when using google to auth. It is unusable for me as well

raven.js:51 Problem fetching connect token: Connect server returned error {“message”:“Cannot process request”,“errorcode”:“BAD_REQUEST”}
a.(anonymous function) @ raven.js:51
raven.js:51 Model storage provider initialization failed
raven.js:51 Error: Problem fetching connect token: Connect server returned error {“message”:“Cannot process request”,“errorcode”:“BAD_REQUEST”}
at sketchup-compiled.js:1372
at d.onFulfilled (sketchup-closure-lib.js:534)
at (sketchup-closure-lib.js:542)
at goog.Promise.executeCallback_ (sketchup-closure-lib.js:541)
at goog.Promise.executeCallbacks_ (sketchup-closure-lib.js:540)
at (sketchup-closure-lib.js:520)
VM1288:1 XHR finished loading: GET “”.