Cannot connect to net Make 2017 Windows 11

Get this splash screen on bootup of SketchUp, no internet. Is it because I am using Make or is something blocking it ?

Check this and see if it helps.

Keep in mind that services like the 3D Warehouse no longer support SketchUp 2017 Make.

Thanks DaveR I have read through the post and edited the i18n.dat but still get the nag screen.
Is it because I am using Make 2017?
pic 02

Probably due to SketchUp 2017 Make. Or due to the discontinuation or support Internet Explorer by MS.

Oh well life goes on, thanks DaveR

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Just been into Windows defender and for some reason it had a rule against Sketchup, removed the rule and hey presto nag screen gone.

Well that’s a good sign. Should keep you going for a little while longer anyway.

I can’t find it in that other topic, but at some point I added a comment about how a trailing / can work in some cases that no trailing / would not work. Meaning, try this:


Thanks Colin it was not a SketchUp problem it was Windows 11 deciding to block SketchUp with a padlock in the Outbound Rules.
Another Windows mystery.