Problems with SketchUp accessing the internet

I cannot get SketchUp to access the internet while attempting to use Google Earth through SketchUp, 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse. I am aware that SketchUp uses IE; I use Chrome and Windows 7. I did a web search and followed all the fixes to no avail.

For additional info, my hard drive crashed a while back and we made a hard drive image and replaced the hard drive with the image installed. Ever since then Microsoft throws up a dialog box on a regular basis that says my copy of Windows is not genuine. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Hopefully someone has an easy fix. I really cannot upgrade to Windows 10 due to other issues. Anyone know where I could get a legit Windows 8? This will likely fix the issue, I don’t know.


Upgrade to IE 11 if you haven’t.

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I have also had this message pop up, and keep me from using the 3D Warehouse.
Sketchup Internet Access
I tried reloading (Fixing Errors). Have both Edge and Chrome. No changes to system recently., Any clues out there?

  1. Obvious question. Is your internet working.
  2. You can use 3d warehouse outside of SketchUp. It is it’s own web site. You actually don’t need SU to use it. Just download the components to a folder. I think it’s better this way anyhow.

That’s all I got
Anything more is for the techies to handle.

Did you see the topic I wrote here?: