Need quick "get online" assistance


Hi all, new user. Downloaded SU Make, but I’m unable to get online.

I’m using IE11 on Windows 8.
Had my ISP open the ports.
Even uninstalled/reinstalled to see if recent changes would help.

Interested in utilizing the Geo-location feature
but alas, I’m told to “connect to the internet.”

My browsers work, I could use some gentle advice to get SketchUp online.

Thanks, ~r


Did you also try to go to the 3D Warehouse, (or the Extension Warehouse) from within SketchUp to download from there?

…and if so, then did that also trip the 'connect to the internet" message?


See this link


In IE11, can you get to to see the map? If so, can you get to (no country redirect), as that’s what we use to determine if you’re online. Search forums for other solutions, as other networks have experienced this.


Thanks for the reply. Yes. Extension Warehouse also trips the message.


Thanks, mac7595 for the nice background article. I’ll have to dig in today to see if this dummy can decipher the way on.


Barry, that address does work in the browser, so perhaps I’m close? I’ll continue to comb the forums to try some solutions. Thanks All. ~r


When you try to install SketchUp are you an administrator ?
Select the installer file’s icon and right-click and select Run as administrator…
Did that help ?
If you have the SketchUp.exe can you select it and use the right-click > context-menu > Compatibility… have you ticked the check-box hear the bottom of that pane to always run this program as an administrator ?
Is your IE11 Internet Options set up as as to be NOT too strict in its security [around ‘average’?] - overly strict regimes can cause issues…


OK, then if PC, confirm you can (if you’re in English version) hit in IE? If you cannot, you need to edit the file C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\Resources\en-US\i18n.dat and change the ONLINE_TEST_URL to some site you CAN reach.