Can someone name the most complex or complicated Sketchup Plugin to learn?

3D Organic Modeling plugin basically, for Sofas and Plants ?

This is a subjective topic, it depends on your background, knowledge or affinity to anything. For some person learning to model using Quads could be more difficult than learning how to estimate costs of a project or creating dynamic components.

What is the purpose of learning? Learning of use the plugin or to create a plugin using the Ruby API?

If it’s the latter, I’d rather start with a simple one, or I’d start to examine Examples and Tutorials mentioned the link above or ask a specific question(s) in Latest Developers/Ruby API topics - SketchUp Community.

I think this is going to be a really hard question to answer without more context. What is the goal of the question?

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Time is subjective. Complex usually means powerful when it comes to extensions. Profile Builder, Skatter, FredoAnimator, etc are all very powerful extensions and have what could be considered complex settings that give you a lot of customizable parameters.

Here is what ChatGPT has to say about this topic:

The time it takes to learn a SketchUp plugin can vary depending on the complexity of the plugin and your familiarity with the SketchUp software itself. However, one plugin that is often considered more challenging to learn is V-Ray for SketchUp.

V-Ray is a popular rendering plugin that adds advanced rendering capabilities to SketchUp, allowing users to create photorealistic visualizations of their 3D models. It offers a wide range of features and settings for materials, lighting, and camera settings, which can require some time and effort to master.

To effectively learn V-Ray for SketchUp or any other plugin, it is recommended to start with basic tutorials and gradually progress to more advanced techniques. Practice and experimentation are key to gaining proficiency with any plugin. Additionally, exploring online resources, forums, and user communities dedicated to SketchUp and the specific plugin can provide valuable insights and assistance during the learning process.


Lol - ChatGPT does make a compelling argument :rofl:

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It’s always fun when someone asks a question but never comes back to confirm whether any of the answers work for them (or to clarify when the question is vaguely worded) :wink:

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It is subjective, if someone has been rendering with another software for years for example, learning vray would be easier than learning how to make a construction costs estimate. Maybe the question should be, what is the hardest plugin to learn for someone who knows nothing about 3D, 2D, architecture, engineering or construction? But even with that conditions it’s still hard to answer.

Out of curiosity decided to try PluSpec, I’m not gonna buy it I have plug-ins to do almost everything this plugin does, but I must say it could be very complex for someone new to 3D modeling using the BIM methodology, it makes easier the modeling of certain elements like walls, roofs columns and other architectural and structural elements but for organic shapes it’s necessary to use other tools not included with the plugin. Also I tried the enscape plugin, I’ve being using twinmotion for almost a year but I heard that enscape is also a great real time rendering engine and the best is that it works inside sketchup unlike twinmotion, lumion and D5, I liked it a lot and decided to get a license, since I’ve used twinmotion and blender for a long time for rendering, learning enscape isn’t much complicated, some things are similar to twinmotion like adding assets, editing materials is a bit different but not complicated, I guess that learning either of this plug-ins without previous knowledge of BIM or rendering the learning curve could be steep.

What are those? :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for commenting, i just entered the forum, so setting aside: Dynamic Component, VRay, Fredo Animator and Plus Spec, which is the mos complex and time consuming plugin only for organic 3D modeling or making the question more simple, is there any other plugin more complex or time consuming to master it for organic 3D modeling in Sketchup then Vertex tools and Clothwork?

undoubtedly MS-physics

Believe it or not i was going to set aside MS physics too but i skipped it to keep the comment simpler :slight_smile: meanwhile it is not that much necessary for organic modeling (sofas and plants).

Let me ask a question that might help you get your question answered. Why are you asking? Or maybe what are you asking? You’ve asked a very subjective question and come back and modified it to exclude things that people are answering… Why are you asking this? are you hoping to write an extension and learn from other extensions? Are you planning on writing some tutorials and looking for some extensions to help people with? I think if we knew why you were asking we may have a better set of answers for you.

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I want to make sure if there is a plugin that i don’t know for 3d organic modeling; mostly sofas, and then decide if Sketchup is any good at all for organic modeling. Yes the question was general and not specified, i apologise.

Sketchup is only as good as the person using it.


Might I suggest asking a question like, "How good is SketchUp for Organic Modeling?’ Seems like that would get you a better answer.

SketchUp is a very capable 3d modeling software that allows users to model just about anything under the sun. As for organic modeling, that is a broad set of models. That could mean a smooth rolling landscape that would be no problem. It could mean a basic cartoon character that could be done wit the right set of extensions. It could mean a detailed human face which probably cold be done, but I would personally lean toward a software purpose built for that level of modeling.

Once again, I come back to the question that you are still trying to ask… what do you want to model? let us know that, and you may actually get the advice you have been seeking.

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Sofas, mostly and the question is wich is the most complex plugin that takes the most of time to learn for modeling sofas, i know that there are many plugins to be used during the process, but i wonder could vertex tools be the most complex one, if not wich is it?

Ok… I’m going to level with you. Your question completely and totally confuses me. I have been teaching people to model in 3D for almost 30 years and I have never had someone ask for the most complex way to do something.

Why do you want the hardest way to do something?

Are you trying to ask for the most capable tool? The one that will give you the most “bang for your buck”?

Depending on the sofa you are trying to model, you may not need an extension at all. In general, if you are hoping to model soft looking cushions, you will want to look into either SubD or Artisan. Vertex tools is a great set of commands that helps to create subdivided meshes, but on it’s own will not allow you to create smooth geometry, quickly.

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