Plugin Research Questions

Hello everyone!

I am in the beginning stages of developing a presentation at work, and I have a few questions about SketchUp plugins. I hope someone has worked on a similar project or knows of some good example plugins to research.

  1. Approximately how long do you estimate a plugin like CabWriter, or similar, to take to develop?
  2. Is it possible to develop a plugin that would allow two objects to interact with another. (When placed next to each other the objects would change information about the other, making a connection between the two)?
  3. How well does SketchUp geometry transfer over to CNC? Iā€™m mainly concerned about curves.
  4. Does anyone use, or has anyone developed a plugin to create an engineering suite for Bill of Materials, shop drawings, details, and material estimates?

A little back story. We are a furniture manufacturer with a patented assembly system, and I am looking into the complexities of a SketchUp plugin to handle what we do. Our furniture system has the ability to change by the inch, and the frames made from 1" square tubing can create a vast number of different configurations.

Any information into plugin development in these areas will be greatly appreciated.

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