Learning V-ray

Can someone advise me on the best way to learn V-ray? About 4 years experience using SketchUp. Should I pursue an online course, if so which one? Will free online tutorials get me there just as well?
Appreciate any input
Thank you

You might start with V-Ray Tutorials

Chiming in a bit late here. V-Ray is has a steep learning curve when first getting started. I put together an overview guide that should be helpful as it distills the entire rendering process into 6 key stages: 1. Understanding the Tools & UI, 2. Materials, 3. Objects (or Geometries). 4. Environment (for lighting), 5. Lighting (artificial), and 6. Output (ie render settings for final render). Take a look. Let me know if you have any questions.

190627_Intro2VRAY4SU_Guide_v01.pdf (6.0 MB)

For a much more in depth book, check out the V-Ray for SketchUp eBook.

Good luck!