Self learning rendering


Hello …!!
i have been learning SketchUp from last 2 years from google and youtube but i am very poor in rendering . I want learn rendering specially Vray so any one suggest which cvhannel on youtube is good to learn it easily and fast.

actually i have been gone through a lot of tutorial but they dont provide that much understable knowledge to understand rendering.

help me


Hi himalaysoni,

I highly recommend you to go through this kind of official tutorials & manuals:
It gives you the fundamental aspects. You can start with checking those exterior & Interior scene tutorials there. Also if you need more detailed information about something else you can use search box that is on top-left (try searching “Light Cache” for example).

I haven’t done most of them but you can check these tutorials as well:

If you want to go deeper for post processing your renders, i suggest learning “Linear Workflow” : (This tutorial is done via 3ds Max + Vray but you can get the idea and apply for other applications)


thank you so much as we are working we can not go and learn this stuff in institute so this internet can help us for everything.


The official tutorials are a good start but a lot of times the end result is a very flat and stark image. You need to supplement your rendering engine with photoshop for post production edits.

Take a look at Alex Hogrefe’s site
His tutorials are the best ive seen.