Any V-Ray tutorial recommendation?

Hi guys.

Can you recommend a kind tutorial about how to get “good” from a sketchup design?

Thanks in advance.

That’s a fairly open ended question. Getting good is about experimentation and investigation.
Tutorials will only get you so far.
However, there is a veritable smorgasbord of tutorials on YouTube, the difficulty is sifting through the chaff to find the wheat.
Getting good involves understanding photography and lighting concepts as well as framing and composition. Understanding these fundamentals will allow you to realise what you want to achieve through the tool that is vray. These concepts are universal and apply to any Renderer.

Outside of these concepts, I would start with ChaosGroupTV channel on you tube, they have some excellent sketchup/vray webinars which walk you through a scene setup, lighting, framing, materials, environment etc.

Architecture Inspirations also is a good channel resource, not purely vray but lots of it as well as post production.

Vrayguide channel is useful, no Sketchup, it’s all 3dsmax but the vrayend of things is pretty much transferable.

If you are prepared to pay then you have some good options;
Richard Yot stuff is simply amazing, it’s Modo focussed but extremely good for technical material concepts(metallic / dielectric), lighting, UV unwraps, post—production. His stuff is beautiful.

There is also an excellent vray accredited course that walks you through various scenarios in sketchup and vray, excellent if you starting out.

Hope this helps