VRAY NEXT for SketchUp - Introduction Workflow

Hey everyone. We’re proud to release our first draft of a ‘Intro to VRAY Next for SketchUp Guide’. (6 MB PDF). It’s designed specifically to focus on the core aspects of getting up and running as quick and painless as possible with the latest version of VRAY and SketchUp Pro.

Why create this guide? Of course there’s no shortage of videos tutorials out there right now but I’ve found they generally tend to fall into two camps: 1. highly specific - dealing with one aspect of VRAY that may or may not be relevant to your needs; or 2. Highly technical - dealing with detailed sub-menu minutiae that most beginning-level users just aren’t ready for. We hope that this more balanced, SketchUp-centric perspective is useful for anyone who’s debated giving VRAY a spin.

As always, we’d love your feedback if you have any as this is just the first in what has the potential to be a great rendering series.

Cheers, Eric - Online Training Content Producer.


  1. Toolbars & Interface
  2. Materials
  3. Objects
  4. Environment
  5. Lighting
  6. Output



Looks good so far,
There really is a need to have specific SketchUp/V Ray 3.5/Next material. I’ve got another series that’s was written for Next but it’s in Max format and I’ll have to convert the files if I want to follow along and learn, so far I have not found time to do this.

I will be reading this and looking forward to any advance books or information on Vray Next as well. i am looking for information on creating material and the workflow that needs to be followed in Vray.

Thank you for this

Thanks and looking forward to seeing anything that you or others come up with and are willing to share!

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