Intro to using quads



I’ve been trying to start using quads for a while now, without making any real headway.
Could anyone point out a resource where the learning curve isn’t too steep? My trial versions of SubD and others have elapsed, and I’d like to know I’ll be able to use them before making the required purchases.


Without the plugins it’s not an easy task since that’s what they are for. Unless somebody knows of a free alternative then you may just have to pony up.

If you want to learn quad model process you can do that in Blender, if you want to know about specifically quad modeling in SketchUp then you really need to train using the Plugins.

Even if you just watch the you tube training, you really need to be doing it yourself in order to be proficient.


Thanks for this, but I’ve sorta hit a brick wall when I gave it a go earlier this winter. I’d like to learn quad modelling within SU (through Vertex Tools, SubD, QuadFace, etc.). I was hoping to find a way to learn which would yield results, as opposed to those I’ve tried up to now…


I just used you tube, but it takes a lot of practice. I found that learning in Blender really helped me ‘understand’ vertex editing as it’s better documented. I could then bring those skills back into SketchUp. Overall it just takes persistence, took me about 2 years to learn how to model organic shapes from simple boxy models and another 2 to become proficient enough to do it in a reasonable amount of time.


Assuming you get SUbD and Vertex Tools up and running, this si a class I did on quad modeling at the last Basecamp:


Thanks, Mr.Only!..
I’d seen this before, but for some reason hadn’t put it in my library. I think this’ll work.
Much obliged…


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