Can someone name the most complex or complicated Sketchup Plugin to learn?

Probably a bad plugin extension. Because if it’s complex or complicated to learn the product does not fulfill all its missions : effectively serve the user :wink:


Thank you Aaron, the question was clear, looking for the plugin that takes the most of time to learn for organic modeling, anyway my question brought close enough answers like VRay, Plus Spec, MS physics, Dynamic Component, Fredo Animator, even thou non of them is for 3D organic modeling.

Probably, someone should make a video tutorial of a detailed soft wrinkled sofa and this would explain more then what’s asked, we could see all the plugins used and what’s simple and complex.

I would say Artisan is the way to go. That is going to be your best bet inside SKP, as a single plug-in. There are many ways to do it by combining tools. But to do organic models inside SKP, Artisan is the winner. It has a great depth in its functionality, but also doesn’t have a steep learning curve. What i understood from your original question was, what tools have the most robust feature set to do organic modeling. I hope that helps.


I prefer the vertex tools-subD-quad face tools plugin combo for organic modeling, the only thing that this plug-ins can’t do that artisan can is sculpting but if I want to sculpt I use blender, it has a lot more brushes and it can handle more geometry without getting laggy.
The new subscription license of artisan isn’t worth it for me anymore I still have artisan 1 though.

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