Can no longer see my Pro subscription under Account Management

I have a Sketchup Pro subscription but under products assigned to me it only shows Sketchup Free. No mention of my subscription anywhere. Within Sketchup it shows I have a subscription and offers me the link to manage my subscription. It sends me back to Account Management after sign in and, again, no subscription listed. Please help,

Experience would tell me that that either

You are signed in with the wrong account
You have multiple accounts (check to see if you have a dropdown) on the left above where my products is

On the account management page, look on the left, below the edit profile link. If that shows Personal Account, click on it, and change it to Coastline Construction.

It already shows Coastline Construction

You should be seeing the Pro subscription in the My Products section, and your email address listed in the Members section.

This is what it shows

Within Sketchup my name is different (see red box)

Members section

I don’t see anything wrong in your account, Pro should be listed. The steve A name is correct, because for some reason your name in the account is lowercase. The account page is getting your full name from somewhere else.

Did you contact customer service yet, to ask them to look into the oddity? They have more tools than I do, and hopefully will be able to see what is going wrong.

Have you allocated the subscription to yourself in the members action?
Click the 3 dots on the right and choose modify product access.

The subscription doesn’t even show up. It just shows Sketchup free.

Man, this is frustrating. Still no solution through support for my account management issue. I need access to reset my activations. I purchased a new Mac desktop and I am unable to use Sketchup due to exceeding the allowed number of activations for my subscription. When I use the link to reset my activations I am again unable to see my Sketchup Pro subscription.

How do you sign in? Do you use Apple ID?

No, Just Trimble account password and username

Take a screenshot of the account management screen.

Sorry, should have been more clear . What do you see on the plans screen and the members screen?

It shows Sketchup Free

click on “members” on the left. you’re in “my products” right now :wink:

I just took a peek behind the scenes - things don’t look right and I’m seeing things I’ve never seen before. Add location subscription purchases. Didn’t know that was a thing.
One for the support team