I cant access my subscription

I purchased Sketchup Pro for students through creation engine, and after logging into Sketchup- it does not show up in my products, plan, or subscriptions. I have proof of purchase and order confirmation. It only shows Sketchup Free and Sketchup Studio 30 Day Trial. What do I do?

I think that Creation Engine need an EDU email to assign to. Signing in with your Outlook email will only show Free and trial versions. Do you have an EDU email address that you told them to use?

I had to use an EDU email to prove that I was a student, but I bought the subscription with the outlook one. However I have also tried to log in with my EDU email and even with that is only has the trail there.

It is possible that Creation Engine did not assign the subscription to either of your email addresses. Have you asked them to check if they have done that?

At least you have a month of trial left, hopefully plenty of time for the problem to be solved.

You were right! They reassigned it to my email and its all fixed now! Thanks for the help!!!