SketchUp Pro Annual Subscription no longer showing in my products

Hi there,
I purchased an annual subscription in Novemeber. Got all the emails, receipts etc showing proof of payments. Logged in yesterday to my account and the annual plan has suddenly disappeared from my products. It’s only showing that I have a free trail ending in a few days… I’m a bit stumped and wondered if anyone can help me figure this out!

When trying to access the subscription, did you use the same email address that you used when purchasing the subscription?

When you paid for the subscription you also signed in with Apple, and chose to hide your email address. If you directly sign in with your real email address it will think you’re a different account. So, use the Sign in with Apple again, and the subscription should show up.

Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks so much for your help and apologies for the stupid mistake on my end! Really appreciate your speedy support though.