Can I use my company's SketchUp licence at home?

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I do have an “opposite situation” :
Can I use SketchUp Pro Commercial/Single User licence - purchased by my company - on my personal computer at home?

In detailed:
My current computer in the company have a 32bit windows, so I can’t install SU2019 on it.
(Together with ordering SU, I have been initiated to order new computer with 64bit OS, but you know, it takes much more time than get SU licence…)
My idea is now, to use the licence in my personal (hobby, not related to company) computer. My boss is not opposed. He said the company policy allows.
Do you think any restriction to use it also for my personal (hobby) needs?

We (my company) have been bought the licence form POSH GmbH so it might be the best if @SketchUp3D_de will be involved too… :wink:

If your employer is okay with it, I don’t see any reason why not. I know I do this.

I do this too. The only infringement that you may have is that if you were to use your company’s assets to make money for yourself, or offer a service that directly competes with your company’s business. That may breach your contract of employment.

But, if your boss is ok with you doing your own stuff, then I don’t see a problem.


Good to hear a positive answers.
The other questions come into my mind:
Will there be a conflict If time to time I will switch between my personal Trimble ID (logged in via my google account) and my company’s Trimble ID ( I will create with my company email address as soon as I install to my company computer) ? I’mean I want to use different extension sets in EW.

Or what happens if I willing to use different Trimble ID’s on different computer with this same licence? Will it work? Or I heve to use one ID?
Do I really need to create TID for my company, since I have a Single User licence and Authorization Code, which - I think- does not requiring to log in?

Your company can assign a Pro subscription for you, say during a project and then revoke when the project’s done:

This is about subscription, off course. And you might have an Pro subscription from company A (1), and a Studio Subscription from company B (!)

With classic licenses, it is somewhat different, once added on your computer, it is somewhat lost for the company that owned it.

Yea. I’m an only one who own the SU licence in the company. :slight_smile: . No subscription , no collaboration.
The idea is, I will use this Single licence on two “seats” - as written in EULA: one in one time. One in the “office” for work, and one at home for work and for hobby.

A classic license is, though personal by EULA, tied to the machine, and with what Trimble ID you are signed in has nothing to do with it. We have seen employees taking advantage of the company’s licenses, though.

So if you sign in on a machine that has the classic license added, you might see the Trial of a subscription plan in the Welcome screen, but you can log out and just use the ckassic license.

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I’ve always just logged in with my Google account. Personally, I wouldn’t confuse things with multiple accounts Id rather just have one. But that’s up to you.

I see you want to use different extensions sets for hobby/work. I don’t do this myself but I heard whispers one day that you can make “sets” of different extensions to load per session with the SketchUcation PluginStore.

That could be one route to investigate?

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Thanks, Ian. I’m familiar with SketchUcation PluginStore. ( I’have some “unpolished” extension there, created myself too… :wink: )


That is the point, I think! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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