Can I use Sketch Pro (personel license version) in my company

Dear Sketch company,

I have been using Sketch Pro(Ver. 8.0) that is Personel version(1 user only, not lan version) with license key.
In that case, I woule like to konw SketchUp Pro use in my company, or not.
Please, comfirm just aforedmentioned my asking as soon as possibel in order not to make any trouble to use my SketchUp in my company.

Best regards,

T,Y Lee from Seoul, Korea

P.S my email address is

All Pro versions of SketchUp can be used for commercial purposes (in your company).


I would like to bring you my deoep thanks for yur quick and valuable response.
I am very happy to use successively my SchtchUp Pro.

Thanks a lot again for your clear respose.

Best regards,
T.Y Lee from Seoul, Korea.

by the licensee only.

Thanks, I should have stated that too.