Using SketchUp Make on a company computer


Hello, I have a question. Is it possible to install free SketchUp Make on a computer in my company office for personal use/learning? Or would it be considered as commercial use?


Your questions are mutually exclusive. Ie, only one of the situations can be true, and the former would be allowable under the terms, IMO.

But you must make the final determination. If you cannot understand the Terms of Use, you’d need to consult a legal professional who can. The Trimble employees have said (on more than one occasion,) that they are not allowed to interpret the Terms for you.


Sorry, but I don’t understand that… Can anyone just answer me if I can download SketchUp Make on the company computer? Or is it illegal?


It’s not the installation that’s at issue.
It’s the ‘use’.
The ToS specifically preclude using Make for ‘Commercial Purposes’.
You need to decide what that means.
If you use Make in ‘your own time’, and your employer gets no direct commercial benefit from that, perhaps it’s OK.
If they get an indirect benefit - like having you become a proficient user, then provided your study is not paid for and they lend you the computer, probably OK too…
But if you were to use it during work-time, and you were then paid to train, you would be effectively training yourself for your employer’s commercial gain - so that’s probably against the ToS.
I see no problem with you having Make on your home computer and learning to use it that way.
However, doing any actual project work in Make for your employer, even when it’s on your computer, would then probably be against the ToS.
You need to decide what it is you are doing with Make and if your employer could be seen as gaining a commercial benefit from its use on their computer - even the slightest benefit [like printing off one image you had modeled on your own time] could easily be against the ToS - the lawyers will love you :wink: