Questions for sketchup to download on another computer?

Good morning, this is Donald Gruntman and I have purchased Sketchup pro for 1 year. I was asked if this can be shared by our graphic artist. they are using the free version at this time. is it possible to download that on her computer at no cost? thank you and have a pleasant day!

The license you purchased entitles only one person to use it.

This implies that they are violating the EULA for the free version. It is not permitted to use the free version commercially.

Dave, thank you very much, I passed along this information. They are not using the free version for commercial use, just internal. Please have a pleasant day!


They knew I am using pro and I explained it has more features. No problem in the future. Nothing to change. Thank you

The license is personal and tied to a Trimble ID.
Companies can have Trimble ID’s, too.
While the company may have bought it with a Trimble ID (ie. , it could be assigned to the Trimble ID of the draftsman of the company.

If you have more seats, you need to assign each one of them to individual Members.

If the draftsman leaves the company or get’s a new function, the company can revoke his assignment and re-assign to another.

This might come in play when having interns or when hiring externals.

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If the “internal” use is in support of a commercial enterprise (indirectly or directly), then I think the Free forms of SketchUp should not be used according to the ToS/EULA.

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thank you very much!