Can I get banned for too many downloads?

It was suddenly banned while downloading from the sketchup 3d warehouse.

Download Limits on 3D Warehouse - 3D Warehouse - SketchUp Community

For anybody who thinks the Sketchup d/l policy is too strict, let me tell you this:

In 2022 I was contacted by somebody who had seen my project on another site. This person was willing to sell me some detailed, high resolution M1 Abrams drawings. He sent me a sample and, yes, the drawing was excellent. I was impressed. It was one of my drawings. He had scraped it from another website (which has since been sanitized) and was now asking a whopping amount for it and a bunch of my others. Can’t say I wasn’t flattered.

The seller used a Portuguese-sounding account name and claimed to be from Brazil, but the website admin reported both IP addresses associated with his activity originated in Russia.

Amusingly this was only the first time it happened. Later I was again generously offered my own work at exorbitant sums. That seller appears to have been Indian.

How many models have you downloaded?