Download button not working in 3d warehouse-

I have been noticing this quite often. There are some models in the 3D warehouse that can’t be downloaded. I’m on the latest version of sketchup and I have tried on a mac and pc. Is anyone else able to download from this link below? I am using google to search the 3D warehouse. I searched: girl hand stand “3d warehouse” -then I click the image button. I get much better results this way. But maybe these are unauthorized or something? Any ideas?

The 3DWH can be accessed from a supported sketchup version or the website, it’s legal to download models from the website.

Have you downloaded a lot of models before trying to download that model? If so, the downloading policy was changed some years ago, there’s a daily limit for downloads, a lot of people were abusing of the warehouse and were selling them.

If not, is this model the only one you can’t download or any model you’re trying to download from the sketchup 3DWH isn’t downloading?

This has happened about 10 times to me. Usually its a non-english download button. I’m downloading less than 10 models at a time and I usually try a different one after and it works just fine.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

delete the
prefix manually from an address, hit Enter and you can download. :innocent:

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That worked! Thank you!

How did you end up with the embed link in the first place? The component you linked to downloads just fine using the 3D Warehouse UI in SketchUp.

I believe that happens pretty frequently when the search is done from Google instead of from within 3D Warehouse.

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My preferred method of searching the 3D warehouse is to do a google image search: my search query is (conference room table “3d warehouse”) for example. This returns much more relevant results than the 3d warehouse UI. Try it! Make sure you click on the images tab. The only downside is that you can’t load directly into the model, you have to do an import.

Then you have to remember to edit the address if it opens the embed link.

Why not just use the UI in SketchUp?

Google returns way better results! I can see them all with one scroll.

you mean the one where, after you download something, you have to restart your whole search all over again because it’ll reopen on the page of the thing you downloaded but you can’t just go back ?

I don’t use the warehouse a lot beyond class, but whenever I do these days, it’s in the browser :

  • possibility to open several things in tabs
  • possibility to go back after a download.

the main thing the in-SU-UI ever had was to be able to direct download in your model. and as you stated many times, it’s the best way to bloat your model :wink:

Have you tried it today by chance?

Yes, google image search results are still better today. I love the idea of the 3D warehouse and I’m still searching the warehouse, just with google as an intermediary. Google seems to have the search engine thing figured out. The quality/relevance of results is more important than convenience for me and my students.

Sorry, meant clicking on an image and being able to download the model (logged in first of course).