3D Warehouse models download problem

Many models from the 3D Warehouse can’t be downloaded, for instance this one 合同庁舎6号館C塔 | 3D Warehouse or this 日本, 東京都品川区にある建物 | 3D Warehouse

While using the 3D Warehouse in a browser, clicking the blue “Download” button doesn’t works, and trying to download the models via the Sketchup app gives a “Oh no” error and the model doesn’t gets downloaded into the scene. Is there still a way to download these older models?

There are a lot of models that come up with the name.

I see that some of them can’t be downloaded. Others can be downloaded. From what I can see in the browser and with the ones I’ve been able to download, I don’t know what good they’ll be to you. They are simple boxes with poorly applied textures. Here are a few that can be downloaded.

The models that cannot be downloaded were uploaded as .kmz files for Google Earth, and the changes made in the meantime at 3D Warehouse did not convert them into skp files either.

You can send a message to the person who posted them, if he/she has activated this in his/her profile.

In this thread 2 out of the 8 models is not showing 3D - #19 by DaveR they show a possible solution that works by editing and re-saving the model but I don’t see the option to edit them like that in the web 3D warehouse or in the sketchup app, is there a way to enable that option?

You can try downloadng them direct from the 3D Warehouse via your internet browser and then open them in SketchUp Free. How are you planning to use these things? I think they will be more work than they are worth.