Bug Splat with Sketchup Pro 2017 - Mac High Sierra 10.13.1

Please help! I was running Sketchup Make and got a Bug Splat. Upgraded to Sketchup Pro (paid the $700), deleted all Sketchup Make files, Downloaded Sketchup Pro and upon start up I get a Bug Splat. Every. single. time! I have deleted all Sketchup Pro files I could find on my Mac (by running a search for ‘sketchup’) and reinstalled Sketchup Pro. Still get Bug Splat.

I have all of the system requirements and all software has been updated.

I have client proposals to get out and I can’t access my expensive software now!!!

Did you submit the BugSplats and include info identifying you so that Trimble can respond? If so, they should be able to diagnose what is causing the splats.

Edit: you might also look at the following topic where many potential issues with High Sierra have been discussed:

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