Locked out after Bug Splat sketchup 2017

I downloaded the trial version of Sketchup and continued to use it as ‘Sketchup Make’ for personal use at the end of the trial.
After a recent bug splat every time I attempt to open it defaults to the report bugs plat window with an occasional message saying I have a Licence issue. I have been unable to open Sketchup since
computer Macbook pro 2017
Operating system High Sierra 10.13
Can anyone advise me on how I can overcome this problem?

That’s a new one on me! I assume you submitted the BugSplat to Trimble with identifying info so they can get back to you?

I see your crashes in BugSplat. You’re seeing some sort of issue in NSColorPanelFavoriteSwatchLayout - a method in OS X that adds colors to the color swatch panel.

There’s some discussion in this thread, although no definite conclusion was drawn. This appears to be a High Sierra issue.

Hello thanks yes I did reply to the initial reason for the bug splat and again to the subsequent messages that locked me out

Thanks there seems to be something here that rings a bell as the original problem that caused the bug splat and lockout was caused by picking up the colour panel accidently and stretching it across the screen while using the rectangle tool. I had also downloaded colour sample of cor-ten steel I found on pinterest.
Now to figure out where to go from here

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