Bragin' Time: Share something you recently built using SU!

This home was recently finished by my company. We design and build majority of our homes using SU. The homes we don’t draw but build are generally completed by architects using a variety of tools to complete their drawings.

Front Elevation from Layout

Front Elevation Actual

Living Room Render

Living Room Actual

Share a project you just completed using SU!


Nothing as ambitious as your house model, but here is a very early dev model of an M1 Abrams vision block (aka a periscope behind armored glass).

The thing of it is I was not expecting the periscope to actually work, and still can’t quite believe that it actually does. What I mean is I didn’t expect to see real life mirror glass reflection properties in the model! Because I’m a n00b, and a pretty dumb one at that. :crazy_face:


That’s awesome

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Das a big one! How many ft²? Beautiful!

Me and my buddies did a thing a time or two.

3 pics from the above topic link

Nice idea for a thread…I keep promising myself to do Before & After shots…Will add more later…
Excuse the images hastily downloaded from the world wide web just now…

![GUTWJUQUMT2JGPJ6QH62Q7KAVY|690x388, 50%]

(above is a sketchup model put into Fotosketcher for an artistic effect - the building is a cafe (Parkhouse Cafe), located within the development above. [here’s a streetview of it]

(Google Maps) )


Well, with V-Ray, but not in everyday SketchUp, right?

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Oh, you mean here in this thread? I just did in my own gallery thread here:


True. The mirrors are only reflective when rendered, but I’m still pleasantly surprised to see it, and not at all wasting time playing around with various mirror configurations like a toddler who has found some car keys. Nyuh-uh. :grin:

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Don’t forget the home hobbyist, nearly everything on my layout is SU Make.
I am forever in battle with those 360 boys saying SketchUp can’t draw detailed models.
This is my answer.


I did some sequences for work of the methodology of a complex pile installation and then some safety processes. It started out fairly low key then they decided to roll them out nationally across the business…


All in with Garage and Screen Porch was 8800 Sq. Ft. (817 m2)

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Thanks for sharing this is super cool!


Thanks for sharing your work. Sharing is another challenge for me. May I ask what kind of computer you use? Is it 16 Gigs of RAM? SSD hard drive? 7th or 8th generation? I’m ‘battling’ with my own conviction to do detail in SketchUp.

I built the machines we work on. We use AMD CPUs, 3080ti GPUs and 2TB SSDs with 64GB of RAM. A lot of this is overkill for SU but we do use some rendering extensions as well.

Here are the part lists

This is magnificent! It would look great with mikimaus’s 3D printed steam train! Are they a similar scale?

Not sure what scale he is modelling in, buy looking at his model I would say his is a larger scale.
I model in 1/76 ish, which is OO/HO scale.
If you look on the loading dock there is a matchstick to give a better sense of scale.


Things never go as planned:


I build sets and props for live theatre and use SU extensively in design and planning. We recently staged “The Addams Family Musicial” for which I used SU to design the set and several key props including the crossbow that Wednesday Addams shoots on stage. Safety is obviously critical on stage so I designed the crossbow to “shoot” but hide the bolt internally instead of sending it flying. The effect is completed by staging the effect of the shot separately across the stage; the audience accepts that they just couldn’t see it fly so fast.



started like this

it’s my most recent. no houses though :slight_smile:
It’s been a month, I should make more.


I forget, do you use a plugin to unfold it?