Best sketch up tutorials

Hi I am an architectural technologist and I am trying to learn sketch up. I would be very grateful if you could recommend the best online tutorials please. In particular, how I can use my 2D drawings to make a 3D model. Many thanks

Have you started here yet?

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Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry but the link does not appear to be working.

It worked for me.

Hmmmmm… its working for me too. Try clearing your cache or using a different browser? Works for me on Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Another good spot is SketchUp You Tube

thank you for your help and advice

You can always try to get to SketchUp by going to, choosing the Resources menu item, then selecting SketchUp Campus from there.

thanks Aaron, though it’s still not opening, but I have just found you on the sketchup you tube channel so I’m watching that at the minute. I have tried safari and chrome…maybe because I’m in UK?

It looks like there may be an issue with one or more servers. Keep it book marked, though, as I am sure we will get it back up and running soon!

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Hi Aaron, I’m working through your tutorials, and they’re are very helpful, thank you! Do you have one for using a CAD drawing instead of tracing an image?

The link is working now in the UK on Safari.

Sharon, if you import a DWG drawing, you will get lines already drawn, cutting out the tracing needed when working from an image. What it won’t do is create any faces, which are necessary for extrusion to create something 3D. But any three or more coplanar lines joined together will “want” to create a face. Usually, all you have to do is redraw one of them and the face will be created.

thank you so much Simon!

You’re welcome.

Another thing you may be able to do to speed things up is to draw a rectangle bigger than the imported drawing. This is assuming everything is raw geometry. Providing all the lines are coplanar, surfaces should be created between all the lines. Then you can delete the lines forming the rectangle you drew.

I say may and should because this does not always work perfectly (not sure why not), leaving some voids. But doing what I suggested in my last post quickly resolves that.

Before you start extruding anything, make sure you start creating Groups or Components or you will get into all sorts of trouble!

There is a section on working with imported CAD files in the campus, which apparently is working in the UK again. But it’s recommended that you begin with the first lesson series if you’re new to SketchUp.

my goodness, thank you both! i am getting to grips with groups and components and can see why they are so important. i have been watching the sketchup videos on youtube but I will head right over the campus now :grin: