Help with a 3D Model

Hello everyone,
I’m new to SketchUp and tutorials are a bit all over the place.
I have CAD drawings of floor plans and elevations, but I don’t know how to turn it into a model.
I have found two tutorials that address similar situations, but I am still lost.
Can anyone recommend a good guide for me to complete this or can anyone explain?

For SketchUp for Web, start here:


There are different ways to make a 3D out of dwg plans, the one I use more often is to place the different views where they belong and use them as blueprints, I group them , block them so I don’t delete them accidentally and put them on a tag. The second one is to use the dwg imported lines to create the walls, this is doable only if the drawings aren’t a mess, with lines over lines and tiny intersections or lines, it could take a lot of time to correct that after crating a 3D, also you can get a lot of loose lines into your groups, the third one is similar to the first one but instead of drawing all by yourself you can use a plugin like Dibac to model the walls, doors and windows a lot faster than the traditional modeling method.

YouTube can be a bit overwhelming with a lot of tutorials, I recommend you to go to the official sketchup website and check the free courses for beginners, after making this courses you will understand how does the program works and you will learn how to model properly, a lot of tutorials on YouTube are made by people that don’t even know how to do it right. The free courses are made by sketchup team members who know how to use the program and they’re official trainer of it.

Thank you so much for your tips and guidance. I will be starting with the official website courses.
Again thank you :slight_smile: