HELP with creating 3D models from Illustrator Files

Hey all! I really hope someone can help me here!
I am wanting to create a series of 3d models for use in some instructions for kits im making with a laser cutter.

I do all the drawing and design in illustrator and Ive been messing around with importing stuff into sketchup and extruding it into its proper shape and fitting it all together etc…however Im having one huge problem. Everytime I import my files into sketchup I have a lot of surface detail (such as brick patterns etc.) that end up breaking the model up into literally THOUSANDS of parts that I seem to have to extrude each one.
Is there any way that I can import my vector art and have sketchup break it up into groups and let me extrude only the stuff that I need to?

Heres an example of something Im wanting to extrude.
Metal Shelving.dwg (14.8 KB)

and heres a link to something similar to what im wanting to achieve (you can see all the brick pattern and surface detail still on the outer layer).

Im really hoping theres just some simple way to achieve what im wanting to do without having to sink hours into it.

I’d suggest changing your work flow. You’re starting with a bunch of 2D lines and expecting to go to 3D faces. Since your bricks aren’t individual parts in the kit, why are you making them as individual bricks in the drawing? There isn’t going to be an easy way to extrude all of them. You could save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble if you use textures on the 3D model instead of modeling every brick.

I’d skip the Illustrator file, model it in SketchUp as 3D from the git go. Then use LayOut to create the plans from the 3D model as well as the files for CNC cutting if you need those, too.

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