Basic floor plan import Autocad lt

I have downloaded the Sketch Up Pro free trial. I use Autocad LT and I have imported a basic 2d floor plan. I want to simply make the plan 3D. I have tried the command bit it doesnt work. Any help?

Basics of SketchUp at

What command are you using? Sketchup uses shortcuts not commands. If you share the dwg or the skp file we could probably help you, otherwise we could spend some time trying to guess what’s the issue.

You mean you can’t get it to import a DWG, or you’re struggling with making the imported DWG 3D?

Hi I imported the 2d CAD plan into SketchUp.
I didn’t realise you need to trace of the drawing. I have it sorted now.


It has been my standard workflow to trace over the reference drawing rather than try to use the drawing as the starting basis of SketchUp geometry for a number of reasons, but this new plugin might change that:

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