Problem when importing cad into Sketchup

Hello everyone, I’m facing a serious problem when importing my cad drawing into SketchUp. its a big detailed drawing about the site neighborhood that I need to model in SU. when importing I noticed that some lines are not in the same plane as the others which means some of them are below or facing down
i tried saving the file with older version or Dxf. i tried changing the units when importing i even tried a dxf import plugin nothing worked. this is my first time here, please help me guys this is for my Master thesis.

this is the cad : terrain122.dwg (142.0 KB)

With FredoScale plugin
You can also use Eneroth Flatten to Plane extension.

If you can open the dwg file in Autocad, then use the Flatten command.

Thank you so much, i use the Flatten command and it worked perfectly.
thanks again.

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The nonplanarity is not something created by the SketchUp importer but results from sloppy drawing practices, usually from snapping to contour lines that are 3D without noticing. You can also use the flatten command in AutoCad to correct the file. Or, in SketchUp, in top view, parallel projection, you can export a 2D view to DWG to full scale and re-import that.

the flatten command was a successful solution, thank you so much.

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