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I have a question about inserting dwg files (Autocad 2013) into layout. I cannot even see dwgs as insertable content on the insert pop-up window. And then when selecting ‘all files’ then a dwg the error message saying unable to insert file type pops up.

What am I doing wrong please?



You need to upgrade to the current version of SketchUp/LayOut.

From the Release Notes for SketchUp/LayOut 2018

DWG Imports One reason that drawing in 2D at scale is important is that a lot of LayOut users are trying to work with imported AutoCAD geometry via the DWG format. So in this release, we"re introducing LayOut"s ability to import DWG files as native LayOut entities. DWG projects import at scale and support the pages, titleblocks, and blocks that your partners have created. Even better, LayOut users can now help themselves to the vast world of free DWG libraries.

Thank you DaveR!

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Hi there,

I am trying to import this dwg in to SU Pro 2019 and it won’t come in flat, at the axis blue plane like most imports do.

It comes in looking like this.

I can go to the top view, and it will look like this but,

but when I rotate, it looks like this.

How do I get all the lines flat?


Might be easiest to set the camera to the top view and parallel projection. Export a 2D DXF file. Then import that into a new SketchUp file.

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I’m attempting to save as a dxf, but I have a ton of different ones to choose from, binary, ASCII, and for each of those I have a choice of R12, 13, 14, then 2000-2014. Does it matter which one I choose?

Do you mean export a DXF from SketchUp? It shouldn’t matter which one. Take 2014. SketchUp should be able to import it back in.

Thank you @DaveR. I totally misunderstood your first comment. What you said worked, exporting from SU then insert the dxf into a new model.

Hi Velina, sounds like you have worked this out but if you have issues like this in the future it is a result of an entity that is at a different z height in the original cad file.

In Acad you can run the ‘flatten’ command or DraftSight select all then from the properties panel change the z heights (if varies) to 0.

It should import without the craziness then.


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Nice! I’ll try that when I get to the third floor CAD plan. I am using DraftSight to view the dwgs. Thanks!