DWG files into SketchUp

I created Exported a deg file from Layout, and then tried to read it into SU, whilst I can read and see the file in an Autodesk dwg viewer, SU wreturns and error when importing Layout dwg files…anybody else experiences the same problem?

yes, this has been reported earlier! The DWG importer/exporter needs some serious updating.
Though the original workflow was intended from SketchUp to LayOut, be it model or .dwg, many people (still) start in 2D and want to make it 3D. LayOut is easier to draw in 2D, because it will always stay 2D, whereas in SketchUp, you’ll always be in a 3D-environment.

w/ the ADesk viewer save down to DWG version 2000.

If this doesn’t help open w/ a DWG editor, select all, explode/ungroup once and save to DWG v2000.