Import .DWG 3D Model into SketchUp LayOut - Not Possible

I use a Mac and I am trying to open a .dwg 3D Model created in AutoCad, by using LayOut. I downloaded the free trial version this morning to see if it works. It doesn’t, but I think it should. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I follow these steps:

Open SketchUp LayOut then:
File > Open > Selected File > file.dwg

The problem is, the .dwg file is greyed out and cannot be selected. Does LayOut not support .dwg files or is it because I’m not using the paid for Pro Version?

Yes you are. LayOut doesn’t open .dwg files. You can Insert them using File>Insert.


Thanks. But the Insert selection is also blurred out. In fact, all of them are. Only “New”, “Open” and “Open Recent” can be selected

Have you actually started a new LayOut file? You have to do that before you can insert something into it. In this case select New and choose a template. Then insert the .dwg file.

Thanks Dave,

I’m a complete noob here. I can Import the model, but I need to play around more. The drawing sizes I have are about 40MB. When I choose a template and insert my drawing, it is no longer a 3D Model, but only a plan view drawing. So, I think maybe SketchUp Layout can’t do what I need it to do.

The only reason I downloaded this, was to open a .dwg 3D Model, so that I can save it as a .skp file, in order to import it to SketchUp viewer on my iPhone, so that I can show the 3D Model in AR.

I think you need to spend some time learning about SketchUp and LayOut. LayOut is a 2D only thing mainly intended to create documents. The area you are working in is paper space. Read that as flat!

Why not use SketchUp which is a 3D modeling application, to import your .dwg? If your .dwg is 3D, it’ll be 3D when imported into SketchUp.

You can’t save .skp files from LayOut, either. That’s done from SketchUp.

You can view .dwg natively in Trimble Connect. With the trial, you’ll have access to upload the .dwg and view it in a browser or hololens.

Thanks Mike,

I figured it out and imported the file to my iPhone, after I converted it to skp through SketchUp.

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