Can’t open DWG file

Hi everyone, I’m trying to import a DWG file into SketchUp sent by an architect, however I can’t open the file and then also can’t import this into SketchUp. Do I need to download some kind of reader, or is there another way to import the file into SketchUp? I’m working on a Mac and have SketchUp Pro 2018. Thank you!

Upload the dwg.

Do you get an error message? Is the DWG from a recent version of AutoCad? If I remember right, SketchUp 2018 supports the version 2013 (in use in AutoCad 2013…2017) DWG format. You could ask the sender to save the file in an older format, or download and install the free DWG TrueView application from Autodesk and use it to convert to an older format.
Also make sure that you are using the latest maintenance version of SketchUp 2018. The initial release had import problems on the Mac.