Importing DWG Files?

What does it mean when I try to import a DWG file and get a Error Notice that says,
“Error opening AutoCad file Invalid Version, Does not appear to be a valid autocad, dwg or dxf file or the file is write protected?”

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What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Only a guess since we don’t know your SketchUp version but maybe the .dwg is newer than the importer can handle.

Hi Dave,

Im using SU2017 Pro windows 64 bit

The CAD file was recently created

Thanks, BillyG

Is there a way to know for sure that a newer version of SU will import my .dwg? If so I may need to update

that may be it. You can also save the file to an older ACAD version. Some free apps can do this for you.

SketchUp 2017 doesn’t support the current AutoCad DWG file version (2018) used by AutoCad 2018, 2019 and 2020. Opening the file in AutoCad and saving as a version 2013 file or older would help.

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SketchUp 2019 supports importing AutoCAD 2018 files.

You can also use the free DWG TRUEVIEW to convert your dwg’s to older version.

Hi Dezmo, I have DWG TrueView 2020 - I see how to convert but not how to save? Thanks


OK I was able to convert thank you, although all didn’t really come through after importing into Sketchup.
Also have tried to use SU 2018 and not effective. Do you know if SU 2020 is out yet? thanks again, Billy

What didn’t come in? There are some entity types that are not imported into SketchUp.

No. Not yet. I don’t know when it will be released but 2019 was released in the first quarter of this year. Possibly the same sort of thing in 2020.

You may try free pCon.planner to open any DWG and export to SKP. Works very well and allows DWG cleanup before conversion.

Thank you bhe.gtk
Tried it - only seems to work with SU2018 will import into SU2017 but have to resize everything. Havent upgraded to 18 yet waiting for 2020 to come out.

Also - you will loose notation details only get geometry.

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Best to export back to r14 DWG file format - SketchUP doesn’t like some of the newer features of the DWG file format.
Hatches, text and image based objects won’t import.
I wouldn’t get too excited about waiting for any improved import functions from a new version of SketchUP.

Hi JGAo1, What is a
r14 DWG file format?


  1. SketchUp doesn’t import text from DWG. There may be ways…
  2. r14 relates to the AutoCAD version that the dwg format is from. r14 means “release 14” and it’s an older format. That means it will be simpler and openable by all the later Autodesk software. Now versions are named after the years of release.

not sure - only using TrueView not AutoCad. Thanks

Well that’s just the explanation. When other software is updated, they can only make it compatible with the current (or earlier) release DWG formats from AutoDesk, so it matters. many applications can create dwg in various older formats.

Hello, found this thread as having a similar issue. I have been sent a dwg file and have SketchUp Pro 18. The file imports but not the text as you say. Is there no way around this?