Import fail in Sketch Pro 2018

Hi All

I am having trouble importing a DWG block (from AutoCAD 2018) into sketchup pro 2018. I have read prior posts and seen that saving the AC drawing in an earlier format (2013), and exporting the block again, should help solve this. However, this has not worked.

I’ve tried simplifying the drawing ie explode all and removing text, but it still doesn’t seem to be working. I rely heavily on using Sketchup to make 3D models of my designs, so at a real loss until I can sort this! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



There are so many variables with CAD drawings that it’s difficult to know for sure what’s causing the issue. Upload the DWG and someone will take a look for you. If it’s too big to upload, use dropbox or similar and post link.

Hi Eric

Thanks for your getting back to me. I have attached the original AC plan and the exported AC block. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

18.HTN.402.Stage 2 Concept Plan@A1PL.19.9.18.dwg (2.32 MB)

block.dwg (135 KB)

First thought. Even though you save the file as an earlier version, do you export the block as an earlier version? If it’s exporting as 2018, I would have thought you cancelled out the backsave…

Good shout Ian. I did think about this, but I can’t find the option to export as an earlier version. There only seems to be an option when saving [as] the whole file.

I am unable to import either of your files into SU. All I get is a blank import window. That leads me to believe the versions you have are still 2018 or later.

I don’t have Autocad but I am able to open DWG up to 2013 version, but I am also unable to open either of the DWG in CAD. I get “unsupported version” message.

Sorry Ian, I uploaded the newer versions without thinking. The 2013 version for the whole file is below, as is the exported block. However, the block may have reverted. I probably just need to find out how to export as an earlier version in AutoCAD. Perhaps I’m on the wrong forum! 18.HTN.402.Stage 2 Concept Plan@A1PL.19.9.18.dwg (1.3 MB)
block.dwg (1.3 MB)

So numb nuts over here (me) has worked it out. I have to open the exported block and save as earlier version. Thanks for the help anyway guys. It is a bit of a schlep, mind. Hopefully Trimble will make Sketchup more compatible with AC 2018 soon!

Well, both of those files import into SU successfully. But to me they look the same? (nevermind)

You beat me to the open block/save as earlier version thing. Glad you got it figured.

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can one of you help me to open this file,

i tried to convert into an earlier version but it did nothing.
first I see this:

and when I close it:

QuirieLand.dwg (633.4 KB)

any help would be appreciated.
I have no autoCAD just got the file from a friend, who had a survey done.

Autodesk has a free online viewer:

You wil see that the file consists of references, only.
So there is nothing to import in SketchIp

can you open this file format? (DXF)

QUIRIE LAND.dxf (273.3 KB)

I would like to see all the numbers as I can see them in AutoCAD.

Perhaps you should read this:

The presence of “proxies” indicate to me that the file might originate from some “vertical” version of AutoCad like Civil3D. In this case the author of the file could use the “Export to AutoCad” function to create a “plain vanilla” DWG file that can be imported into SketchUp.
Another thing to note is to set the import unit used to the same as was used in the DWG file, and also to uncheck the “Preserve drawing origin” setting. These can be found behind the Options button on the Import dialog box, and might help to get rid of the “coordinates out of range” error.

Hi all, I am unable to import a DWG file from a customer. In autodesk viewer I can see the file, but when importing the walls are gone. I converted to a 2013 version, the original file won’t import.plan endoscopie UZ Leuven - Copy.dwg (5.4 MB) plan endoscopie UZ Leuven - Copy.skp (3.7 MB) Is there anybody with an idea what to do?

The walls, doors etc. in the file are special AEC Objects created with AutoCad Architecture. These cannot be imported into a non-Autodesk application. If you don’t have AutoCad Architecture yourself, you must ask your client to provide a file that has been “exported to AutoCad”, containing only standard AutoCad objects.

Hi all - I’m having a similar issue with some files that I’ve been sent. They don’t appear to have any 3D elements but each time the upload to SU (2021) fails. Any ideas on this please?Entrance Gate Plan.dwg (185.1 KB) Pavilion Plan.dwg (174.1 KB)

Export from Layout to Model in Autocad

Hi - thanks for the quick response. When I right click however, I don’t have the export option - only ‘rename, duplicate and delete’

Are you sure you use Autocad and don’t have that option? Or maybe you have an older version where this command is not available.

If not, or you use other CAD software, just select the drawings from Layout View, copy, and then paste it in Model Space. Save and then you can import into SketchUp.