Importing 2018 dwgs into sketchup 2017

Is there a plugin that would allow me to import a 3D dwg that was saved as version 2018 into Sketchup 2017? Currently my work around is to save the dwg as 2014, but there’s some data lost from 2018 to 2014…

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Make which does not have the capacity to import .dwg files.

What operating system are you using? “2017” is not an operating system.

I actually have 2017 sketchup pro… sorry for the confusion. I have been using sketchup since version 5 (back in 2005). I love it, but I don’t want to move on into a subscription style model.

I don’t know of any plugins that deal with DWG files. I don’t know of any 3d modelling changes from AutoCad 2018 to AutoCad 2014 so things lost when importing to SketchUp would depend on other things. Note that the SketchUp importer ignores everything that is not “model geometry” so annotations, dimensions etc. won’t be imported whatever the file version. Also, objects created by AutoCad extensions, like AutoCad Architecture walls, are ignored.

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Why did you put “Free Plan” and “Make” in your forum profile? Please correct it.

I expect you’ll be stuck with the .dwg importer you’ve got. There’s no way the importer will get an update to handle newer .dwg files. You might try converting the 2018 .dwg file to .dxf and see if that will contain the data you’re otherwise losing. BTW, what are you losing? As @Anssi indicated, there are just some things that the importer won’t import.

Since I can’t import 2018 DWG… I’m not 100% sure if there’s a difference, but this is what I believe the difference is:
The files that I was trying to import are from REVIT, and I believe that 2018 DWG files load in sketchup with different materials/colors (depending on the layer of the item). The 2014 dwg imports with all the geometry in the default color. Maybe it has nothing to do with the version of the dwg and everything to do with the version of sketchup as I had someone else import a 2018 dwg in a newer sketchup and I saw the difference.

Not a big deal, I was hoping to eliminate one step by having (for example) the glass on the windows in a different material than the walls.
Is there a plugin that can change the materials of a model / componet based on their layer? That could do the trick also.
BTW, I will try to update my profile and change to sketchup pro

If you can post a DWG we could try importing it into the newest version of SketchUp. IMO there shouldn’t be a difference. Nowadays Revit files can also be imported directly into SketchUp Studio, or via Trimble Connect as a TrimBIM file.

Okay… now I need to look/learn about TrimBIM / Trimble Connect. This might make it worth the upgrade to the latest Sketchup. Would this allow me to work with REVIT files as linked files that update when REVIT is updated? How about the other way around does it simplify the import of Sketchup files into REVIT?
Right now my work flow is as follow: I import a basic/schematic model from REVIT to Sketchup and then I ply with the geometry / roof / details until I find something that is appealing. From that point I recreate the items in REVIT or import them as generic models.